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Sparkling Milk?

You gotta be kidding…!

Sparkling Milk?

You gotta be kidding…!

Milk, mixed with Seltzer.


Huh? What’s that you say? Frothy milk?
As in fresh milk from cows mixed with soda!
This was the go-to refresher way back in the 1880s. Imagine!

The story goes way, way back

After a hard riding session, cyclists would opt for milk seltzer, as soda is called.  Fizzy milk! To them it made perfect sense. Milk had a lot of vitamins and electrolytes, which the athletes needed to replenish lost nutrients, but on its own, it was a little too thick. The addition of soda made it a light, bubbly refreshing drink!

But the story of seltzer dates back to the 1700s. When medicine wasn’t advanced enough to tackle a whole list of ailments, one cure-all was the naturally carbonated water found in springs. One such spa in Germany bottled the water in clay jugs and sent it to various countries. Known by slightly differing names like eau-de-seltz in France, the name seltzer in English stuck.

The Dairy Connection

This is a product that’s born in a dairy. Milk producers, the world over, probably realize how immense the potential for such a drink is. It’s not only innovative but an alternative to other carbonated drinks.

Quenching new thirst with Amul Tru Seltzer

Enter Amul, India’s fave brand when it comes to anything that moos! From milk, butter, ice creams to cheese and ghee, it’s synonymous with wholesome, exciting milk-based products.

We’re now introducing another first – you guessed it. India’s own carbonated dairy drink!

The “Are-you-with-it” drink

Amul’s Tru Seltzer isn’t just any other drink.

Think of it as a whirlwind dance between milk solids and a fizzy, hyper soda!
But there’s a huge difference. Our seltzer is loaded with exciting real fruits swirling and bubbling around.

Taste Tomorrow, Today!

First time ever in India.

Amul has a whole bunch of flavours lined up.
Think orange, lemon, jeera, apple, cola…the possibilities are endlessly fantastic!

Yeah? So, who’s it good for?

Well, everyone! You could have it between meals, during a Zoom call or just about any time you think of. You could add a lot of cheer to a movie-watching session or say cheers with friends when your IPL team wins!

In fact, we say, Amul Tru Seltzer is a bit like life should be. Nothing too heavy, nothing too light.